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Osso Jr.

Help kids grow to their full potential

Implements AIC technology to help kids to grow to their full potential



This product could make your young patient’s health better!

Builds a stronger frame to maintain a robust immune system

Maintains the body’s optimal pH level that maximizes oxygen delivery and discourages pathogen proliferation

Improves children’s mental focus

Promotes energy

With research linking calcium deficiency in childhood to ADHD and autism, formulations like this can help restore healthy calcium homeostasis

Formulated to be consumed according to children’s body weight and needs

Contains Antiorbital Ionic Calcium (AIC)


120 ml (Each 5 ml contains: Selenium 32 mcg, Calcium Carbonate 4.2 mg, Magnesium 0.22 mg)

Recommended Dosage

Mix 5 mL of the liquid to 500 mL of water in the empty stomach 30 minutes before food intake. Take once or twice daily.

Osso Jr.


The only supplements that use Anti-orbital Ionic Calcium (AIC), the world’s first calcium-ion-delivery-system

Provides calcium in a free ionized state, which is the only physiologically active form of calcium in our body

Triggers ionized-calcium-sensitive physiological responses that counteract the root cause of diseases

Brings natural healing reactions of our body from cellular to the systemic level

Its unique healing pathway triggers our body’s natural calcium-sensitive responses that help restore the delicate balance of calcium homeostasis, which leads to cellular communication, restoration of mitochondrial functions, reduced oxidative stress

Pronuvia can help you with some of the most common and major diseases. It can also help your young loved ones grow into healthy adults.