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NeuroAdrenal Profile

Includes a full diurnal cortisol pattern, DHEA, and 6 primary neurotransmitters (inhibitory and excitatory); measures the following markers: DHEA (D), Cortisol x 4 (C x 4), Serotonin (S), GABA (GA), Dopamine (DP), Epinephrine (E), Norepinephrine (NE), Glutamate (GLU), Glycine (GLY), Histamine (HST), Phenethylamine (PEA)

Mental Health

Sleep problems, foggy thinking, weight gain, hot flushes, night sweats, food cravings, overwhelming and continuing fatigue, swings in mood, anxiety, depression, headache, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, stubborn cases of acne, addiction or dependency, chronic illness or immune deficiency, sexual dysfunction